Local Resource Spotlight: Lutheran Counseling Services

Local Resource Spotlight: Lutheran Counseling Services

Here at the Winter Park Housing Authority, we work with a number of other organizations to help better serve our tenants’ broader needs and our community. One of these organizations is Lutheran Counseling Services, based here in Winter Park, Florida and serving the greater Orlando area.

We want to make sure our tenants and local readership are aware of the counseling options available through this organization.

Lutheran Counseling Services is a faith-based group that strives to support the emotional and spiritual health of the Central Florida community. It aims to help area residents overcome barriers to mental health care. It does so by offering professional individual, family, school, and church worker counseling services. Plus, its website is a good mental health resource.

Here’s a little more information about how this organization might be of help to you or your loved ones.

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy from Lutheran Counseling Services

The organization’s services are available to all Winter Park and other Central Florida residents. Lutheran Counseling Services employs licensed mental health professionals with an average of more than 20 years of experience in therapy and counseling. They combine professional mental health practices with spiritual resources for healing and personal growth.

Therapy is available to individuals and families. Issues commonly addressed include anxiety, depression, anger management, grief, crisis recovery, relationships, marital difficulties, and child issues. Sessions focused on personal growth are offered too. Counseling is available one on one, for couples, for whole families or groups, and for children or adolescents.

Lutheran Counseling Services accepts many insurance plans, and they have various financial aid options to help with the cost of counseling.

Online Resources from Lutheran Counseling Services

The Lutheran Counseling Services website is also a great mental health resource.

Visit its Resources page to find webinars, articles, links to relevant organizations, and other information about adult and children’s mental health, substance abuse, crisis management, and more.

Also, click over to the Lutheran Counseling Services blog for content covering a variety of mental health, child development, aging, family, and inspirational topics.

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