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January 2024 Newsletter

Time to Plan

"Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day. - Michael Josephson

Resident Services

Kuddos to our seniors at The Plymouth. A good handful of our residents are taking the lead on building an engaged community. From Spanish Class to Breakfast Club gatherings, they are adding activities for all residents to participate and enjoy. This month, many of our scheduled recurring activities still were held with the exception of our Second Harvest Pantry.

The Numbers
5 activities
100 participants

Community Partner Highlights

January was all about reflections and pre-planning with some of our committed and active community partners. This month, I held ten meetings with some old and prospective partners as we planned for first quarter coordinated support and activities for the residents and opportunities for the agency as well.

The Numbers
10 Meetings
18 Events Scheduled
3 Properties Served

Special Thanks To

Winter Park Community Center for offering transportation services for our seniors at The Plymouth to attend the Rollins Spring Photo Class at WPCC. Commissioner O'Rawe donated a living room set and a bedroom set to WPHA which was provided to one of our ROSS Program Participants, she was overly grateful for this one time donation for her household.

The Numbers
2 Opportunities
8 Individuals Impacted

January 2024 Resident Services Newsletter. All information on this newsletter is listed above.