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June 19, 2023, Board meeting Minutes

Winter Park Housing Authority Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, June 19 ,2023
10:00 A.M.
Tranquil Terrace
845 Swoope Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Commissioners Present: Board Chair; Hal George, Vice-Chair; Kenneth Goodwin, Commissioner Tammie Holiday, and Commissioner Kevin O'Rawe.
Commissioners Remote: Commissioner Karen Jacobs.
Commissioners Absent: Commissioner Joe Regner, Commissioner Dawn Ofodile
Staff Present: LaShanda Lovette, Executive Director, Amaris Hunt, Executive Assistant, Melissa Martinez, Accountant, Tarena Grant, Resource Coordinator, Laneshia Church, Regional Manager and Sherry Sutphen, Attorney

  1. Call to Order
    Chair George called the meeting to order at 10:00 am. and announced a quorum.
  2. Approval of May Minutes
    Vice-Chair Goodwin moved to approve the May 2023 Board meeting minutes. Commissioner Holiday provided a second. The motion was accepted unanimously.
  3. New Business
    Attorney Sutphen explained we are trying to better organize our meetings. So New Business will now take place in the beginning of meetings.
    There was no new business to discuss.
  4. Public Comment
    There was no public comment bought to the board.
  5. Actionable Items Requiring Vote:
    • Resolution No. 06132023-a - Civil Rights Annual Certification and Board Resolution
      • Executive Director Lovette explained that Resolution 06122023 - A is certifying to HUD that we are following the CFR's highlighted in the HUD form 50077-CR. Commissioner O'Rawe moved to approve the resolution. Vice-Chair Goodwin provided a second. The resolution was accepted unanimously with no further questions.
    • Resolution No: 06132023-B Authorizing Acceptance of The Capital Fund Program (CFP) Allocation Budget in the amount of $499,886.00
      • Executive Director Lovette explained that we are receiving these funds for a third year. She went on to call attention to an attachment that outlines how the funds would be spent. Vice-Chair Goodwin asked if funds were still left in previous years. Executive Director Lovette explained that 2019 has approx. $7k left. Both 2020 and 2021 have yet to be spent. Without further discussion, Vice-Chair Goodwin motioned to approve the resolution. Commissioner Holiday provided a second. The resolution was accepted unanimously.
    • Resolution 06192023-C Authorizing Acceptance of The Refinancing Terms from Florida Housing Finance for the Plymouth Third Mortgage at a rate of 1.00% at which time approximately $686,270.47 will be due with a ten (10) year amortization period
      • Executive Director Lovette explained that we'd received the offer from Florida Housing Finance. They would like to start payment September 1st. Commissioner Jacobs asked if there is a penalty for paying the loan off early. Executive Director Lovette explained there is not according to their offer letter. Commissioner Jacobs asked if there was a penalty if we refinanced the loan. Chair George confirmed there was not. Commissioner Jacobs moved to approve the resolution. Vice-Chair Goodwin provided a second. The resolution was accepted unanimously with no further questions.
  6. Items Requiring Board Directive:
    1. Management Company Transition
      • Executive Director Lovette was approved to send KDC a contract from our committee. She will follow up when updates have been received. Commissioner O'Rawe asked when the contract would begin. Executive Director Lovette explained it would likely be in the beginning of August or September.
    2. Switching Banks
      • Executive Director Lovette explained she'd looked at two banks thus, Winter Park National and Seacoast Bank. Chair George expressed that he had a great relationship with Winter Park National's President and would love if we took a serious look at them. He said that he was comfortable with their oversight abilities over Seacoast Bank. Attorney Sutphen expressed that she needed to look into the requirements we must adhere to for banking institutions. Commissioner O'Rawe would like to seriously consider Chase Bank since they caught the fraud attempt. He suggested looking into the bank that the City of Winter Park uses for a possible piggyback opportunity. He also suggested we look at Bank of America, as we may be able to use them as a development partner in the future. Executive Director Lovette confirmed that we do currently have an RFP out for a Co-Developer.
    3. WPPD Investigation Status
      • Executive Director Lovette explained that she's asked for a written update from Winter Park Police Department to share with the board. She also asked for the contact details for whom the case would be transferred to in California. She will update the board once any new developments arise. Chair George expressed that he would like to find out from California what transpired, so that we can avoid an issue like this in the future.
    4. Forensic Investigation Company
      • Executive Director Lovette confirmed that Malcolm Johnson recommended a 3rd-party to investigate the Plymouth to ensure the fraud incident was isolated. Chair George confirmed he had not heard anything back from Rachel. Executive Director Lovette expressed she would follow up. Chair George asked if Malcolm Johnson feels as though this is still needed, as they haven't been quick to respond with suggestions.
  7. Informational Items
    1. ROSS Report
      Mrs. Grant stated we continued our reoccurring events at each property. We continued with Fresh Stop Bus at Winter Park Oaks and the Meadows. As well as community partner events such as build a parfait, bingo, and laundry and produce days. Senior Alliance Clinic also met with the Plymouth Residents. She explained that her goal is to ensure all properties are served on a monthly basis. Vice-Chair Goodwin asked if there were any Summertime Youth Programs. Mrs. Grant confirmed that there is Crealde Art Camp, Basketball Camp, and field day activities from local organizations to name a few. Vice-Chair Goodwin asked what the cost was per child. Mrs. Grant confirmed that all children were sponsored.
    2. Executive Director Report
      • Update on balcony project at Tuscany - Executive Director Lovette called the board attention to the Structural Engineer's report which states that any balcony with cracks over 36 inches be converted from a partial repair to a full repair. She also called their attention the Innovative Masonry Restoration's letter stating this is their first change order request. She went on the explain the final cost to convert those 47 balconies to full repair is $42,535, which brings the contract total to $990,000 to repair all the decks. She is excited at how this company is working and can tell the difference between IMR and the previous company. The last report that we received from them, they stated that 36 decks had been shored up and demoed, 31 decks had the steel repairs completed. 21 decks were prepped for pouring concrete, and 4 decks had already been poured. The architectural engineer went out last week to take a look at the work because they submitted another change order. He has signed off on that change order saying that the work has been done. The board doesn't have to take any, any further action because the resolution that we passed actually built in a 10% cushion. Chair George asked that we're being careful not to pay too much upfront. Executive Director Lovette clarified that payments cannot be authorized until the work has been signed off on by the architect and looked over by Orange County. Chair George asked if we have an estimated completion date. Executive Director Lovette stated that will change since we are authorizing full repair on all balconies, but it was previously scheduled to be completed by August 2023.
      • Property overview - Laneshia Church opened the floor for questions. There were none. She explained that Tuscany is doing well with remediation. She went on to explain that all the A/C units that needed to be replaced have been replaced and we are only dealing with minor repairs at this time. Chair George mentioned that 13 residents are in Default, 2 agreements, 4 evictions in process, what is happening with the others? Ms. Church confirmed she's submitted 8 to the attorney. Chair George asked what kind of agreements are in place. Ms. Church explained that some residents are paying anywhere from $100 - $200 on their rent, but it hasn't been adhered to, which is why we are processing the evictions. She went on to explain after she issues a 3- day notice, she tries to help them find resources to assist them in paying their rent or in moving. Many residents decide to stay because they can't find anything cheaper. Vice-Chair Goodwin asked what the current rent ranges are. Ms. Church explained our 3 bedrooms are around $1,500, whereas comparable places come in at $1,800. She went on to explain many residents are facing hardship because of the increased costs of food and the increased cost of living. So, they are having to make hard choices to stay afloat.
      • Monthly Financials (April) - Executive Director Lovette explained that anything over 10% she'd highlighted and gave an explanation. Commissioner O'Rawe asked what the final cost was for the Seal Modification. Executive Director Lovette said it came out to about $3k.
      • Commissioner O'Rawe trip to Washington DC recap - Commissioner O'Rawe gave a brief synopsis of his time in DC.
  8. Adjournment
    With there being no further business to come before the board, Chair George called for adjournment at 11:41 AM
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Hal George, Board Chair
    LaShanda Lovette, Executive Director