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October 10, 2023, Board Meeting Minutes

8:00 AM
Tranquil Terrace
845 Swoope Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Commissioners Present: Board Chair; Hal George, Vice-Chair; Kenneth Goodwin, Commissioner Tammie Holiday, Commissioner Dawn Ofodile, and Commissioner Karen Jacobs.

Commissioners Absent: n/a

Commissioners Virtual: Commissioner Kevin O'Rawe and Commissioner Bob Klettner

WPHA Staff Present: LaShanda Lovette, Executive Director, Felix Alicea, Procurement/Project Manager and Tarena Grant, Resource Coordinator

NDC Staff Present: Rick Elwood and James Allen

NDC Staff Absent: Cindy Wilson

  1. Call to Order
    Chair George called the meeting to order at 8:09 am. and announced a quorum.
  2. Public Comment
    There was no public comment bought to the board.
  3. Consent Items
    1. Approval of September Minutes
      Commissioner Jacobs moved to approve the September 2023 Board meeting minutes. Commissioner Goodwin provided a second. The motion was accepted with revisions to the date, as minutes showed the current board meeting date.
  4. Actions Items
    There were no action items to discuss.
    1. Discussions and/or Direction
      • Transition of Banking Services
        -ED Lovette confirmed we are transferring to Valley bank, and we are currently opening accounts. Commissioner Jacobs asked who the authorized signers on the account are. ED Lovette confirmed that it is the same signers on the current account. There was no further discussion.
      • Transition to NDC
        -ED Lovette expressed gratitude to NDC for managing the properties and coming on board. Chair George expressed the same sentiments and let them know they have the board's full support. Mr. Elwood explained NDC came on 10/1/2023 but began preparation weeks before with observation of the properties. He gave updates on how their compliance team had been assisting the properties. They went on to explain that they hired all employees with the exception of 2, one was a personal decision, and one was a maintenance employee. There was a total of 22 staff hired. They are still looking to fill the Plymouth Property Manager Position, Assistant Property Manager at Winter Park Oaks and several maintenance team positions. This will be a continued effort, since hiring takes time. He went on to explain that they are in the process of converting software. November will be when NDC will officially process reports and financials of the properties. Mr. Elwood shared they are planning to begin doing internal inspections of the units to identify the conditions and understand what they are dealing with at each property, within the coming weeks. Mr. Elwood said that they would train staff on standard items such as Real page training, budgets and financials and will continue training efforts throughout the year. Commissioner Jacobs asked if the Regional will be present at board meetings. Mr. Allen explained she will be present to present the financials and the property overview. There was no further discussion.
      • Forensic Investigation Update
        -ED Lovette explained the final draft was produced. There were a few final edits that needed to be made. There will be a final meeting on Wednesday 10.11.23 to finalize. Commissioner Jacobs asked if NDC was aware of the Forensic investigation. Rick and James acknowledged they were aware. ED Lovette explained she looped NDC into the final items that need to be done to conclude the audit. There was no further discussion.
      • Tuscany Balcony Project
        -Mr. Alicea explained we are ordering the remaining parts to complete the project and that the railings are due for inspection. We will also need a final load test. Everything should be completed within a week. With a completion date of anywhere between October 10th - 20th. Commissioner Goodwin asked how many balconies were full repairs. Mr. Alicea confirmed all 178 were treated as full repairs. Commissioners requested photos of the project as it stands. Mr. Alicea confirmed either he or ED
        Lovette would share photos with the board. There was no further discussion.
  5. Reports
    1. Resource Coordinator (ROSS) Monthly Recap
      -Mrs. Grant explained the community partner highlights for September. She expressed that our community partners continue to support us in our mission to be more than just housing. P-3 Medical offered Flu and Pneumonia Shots for residents and staff. St. Margaret Mary held registration for Thanksgiving & Christmas Store. Many of our WPHA Families registered including all of Tranquil Terrace. Devoted & Dedicated Seniors held Fresh Produce Events for Plymouth & Winter Park Oaks. E and A and Center well held a Goofy Games Day at Plymouth, which was a blast! Winter Park Police Department dropped off can goods to support our resident food pantry at Tranquil Terrace. Vystar Credit Union WP volunteered some time with our seniors to share about their services, distribute toiletries, and surprised 14 residents with bags of can goods. She went on to highlight that Kelley's Ice cream of Winter Park gave a generous donation of ice cream pints.
    2. Property Overview
      -ED Lovette touched on Tuscany at Aloma's vacancies and affordable rent incentives to assist us in filling units. This will be an area of continued discussion.
    3. Monthly Financials
      -ED Lovette explained anything over 10%. She also noted there were 3 pay periods in the month of August to explain the increase in payroll costs. There were no further discussions.
  6. Commissioner's Report
    1. Commissioner Ofodile and Commissioner Holiday shared their experience from the NAHRO conference in New Orleans. They really enjoyed the tour of the housing that was being redeveloped. Chair George asked about the RFQ we put out for Co-Developer and when we would evaluate the responses. ED Lovette explained that she is getting a committee together to do so within the next month.
  7. Adjournment
    With there being no further business to come before the board, Commissioner Jacobs motioned to adjourn, and commissioner Goodwin provided a second. Chair George called adjournment at 9:01 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Hal George, Board Chair
LaShanda Lovette, Executive Director