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March 20, 2024, Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 9:00 AM

Tranquil Terrace Community Center
845 W. Swoope Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

Commissioners Present: Board Chair; Hal George, Commissioner Dawn Ofodile, Commissioner Bob Klettner, and Commissioner Karen Jacobs.
Commissioners Absent: Vice-Chair Kenneth Goodwin
WPHA Staff Present: Tarena Grant, Interim Executive Director, Amaris Hunt, Operations Manager, Melissa Martinez, Director of Finance, Felix Alicea, Procurement Manager, Sherry Sutphen, Attorney and Patti Tilchin, Fee Accountant.
NDC Staff Present: James Allen, Rick Elwood and Cindy Wilson
Guests: Nick Allo and Chris Mays, Semtech IT

  1. Call to Order
    Chair George called the meeting to order at 9:02 AM and announced a quorum.

  2. Public Comment
    There was no public comment bought before the board.

  3. Consent Items
    1. Approval of Minutes - February 22, 2024
      Chair George asked if there were any questions regarding the minutes from February 22, 2024. Seeing none, Commissioner Klettner motioned to approve the minutes. Commissioner Jacobs provided a second. The motion was approved unanimously.
    2. Approval of Minutes - March 1, 2024
      Chair George asked if there were any questions regarding the minutes from March 1, 2024. Seeing none, Commissioner Klettner motioned to approve the minutes. Commissioner Jacobs provided a second. The motion was approved unanimously.
  4. Action Items
    1. Approval of Resolutions
      1. RESOLUTION 03202024 - A - Approval of the Dissolution of Central Florida Management and Development Group, Inc (CFMDG)
        a. Interim ED Grant explained that this resolution is to dissolve CFMDG, Inc, which was the entity created for Winter Park Housing Authority to self-manage. Commissioner Jacobs asked for clarification on the dissolution. Attorney Sutphen explained it is no longer in use or needed since we are no longer in self-management.
        Commissioner Klettner motioned to approve the resolution. Commissioner Jacobs provided a second. The motion was approved unanimously with no further discussion.
      2. RESOLUTION 03202024-B - Approval of an Inter-Property Loan from Winter Park Oaks to Tuscany at Aloma in the Amount of $200,000.00 to Cover Operational Expenses
        a. Ms. Martinez gave a brief description of the state of Tuscany at Aloma's finances and expressed that this was the best solution was the best route to take. Ms. Tilchin agreed. Attorney Sutphen asked for clarification on the terms of the inter-property loan. Ms. Martinez attempted to provide clarification. There was a brief discussion about how the funds would be used with NDC needing to remediate units. Mr. Allen confirmed he would get a firm number to Ms. Martinez on the costs of remediation for units currently on the schedule. Ms. Martinez briefly discussed the challenges with the loan refinance for Tuscany at Aloma. Commissioner Klettner asked for a schedule of all the current loans and moved to approve the resolution. Commissioner Jacobs provided a second. The motion was approved unanimously.
      3. RESOLUTION 03202024 - C - Approval of a 90 - Day Extension on the Tuscany at Aloma Loan Refinance, in the Amount of $1,250.
        a. Attorney Sutphen confirmed that we are working with a few banks on loan terms for the Tuscany at Aloma refinance. Chair George motioned for approval of the resolution, with Commissioner Klettner acting as a liaison regarding banking. Commissioner Jacobs provided a second. The resolution was approved unanimously.
  5. Executive Director Discussion and/or direction
    1. Interim Observation
      Interim Executive Director Grant explained that we are still working through the organizational transition. She expressed gratitude to the executive team for the support they've provided in assisting her in moving the agency forward.
    2. IT Migration - SemTech & Vertilocity
      Ms. Grant explained she'd paused the migration to Vertilocity and gave Semtech the floor to explain their relationship with WPHA. Mrs. Grant confirmed IT services will retain its service with SemTech and will not be moving forward with the migration. NDC's team explained that while they would like to use Vertilocity, they are not opposed to IT services remaining in house with WPHA.
    3. Tuscany Refinance
      Attorney Sutphen explained that once terms were received, they would be presented to the board. There was no further discussion on the Tuscany loan refinance.
  6. WPHA Reports
    1. ROSS Report
      1. Mrs. Grant explained that the Month was packed with activities for our residents throughout all our properties. A few of those services included Aromatherapy sessions with Halifax Health, 2 Hand CPR by Center for Change and Brain Health Seminars and Memory Screenings hosted by K2 Medical. She went on to share a few community engagement meetings held to plan out the first quarter of the year with coordinated support and resident activities. Lastly, she highlighted Vystar Credit Unit for their donation resulting from their "Do Good" give back initiative and Fannie Hillman & Associates for hosting their patio party as a part of the WP Art Festival to raise money for a cause. Their cause this year being, WPHA.
  7. NDC Reports
    1. Property Overview
      1. Mr. Allen gave a brief overview of the occupancy for the full portfolio, at 90%. He confirmed that they'd moved forward with offering a rent concession for new applicants at Tuscany at Aloma and The Plymouth, to assist in filling the 80% units and bring up occupancy at each of these properties. He expressed the changes that have been faced in filling these units. Commissioner Ofodile asked for clarification on the specifics of the concession, such as how it is being marketed, how long it will last, etc. Mr. Allen attempted to answer.
    2. Financials
      1. Mr. Allen explained January Financials have been produced and they are working on sending over February Financials. The WPHA team and NDC will be meeting to discuss accounting needs and expectations.
  8. Commissioner Reports
    1. Commissioner Ofodile
      She expressed that she'd received an email with concerns from a Plymouth Resident. Mrs. Grant addressed the concerns and stated that WPHA was aware and had already addressed the matter at a property level.
    2. Commissioner Jacobs
      Nothing to report.
    3. Commissioner Klettner
      Commissioner Klettner asked for insight into the processes for hiring a new executive director. Attorney Sutphen explained the process and places where the opening can be advertised, such as NAHRO, FAHRO and PHADA. Chair George expressed that the job description will need to be modified. Once the board agrees on the revisions, the position can be posted. There was discussion on how long the job should be posted. Commissioner Klettner made a motion to keep the job add option for 15 days with Patti Tilchin and Commissioner Jacobs as the fact-finding committee. Commissioner Jacobs provided a second. The motion was approved unanimously.
    4. Chair George
      Chair George inquired about the requirement for a resident commissioner on the board. Attorney Sutphen stated she would look into the requirement with HUD. Interim ED Grant confirmed she has a resident to suggest and will make sure the resident goes through the proper channels to apply through the City of Winter Park for the position.
    5. Patti Tilchin
      Ms. Tilchin gave an update on progress made since the previous board meeting. She confirmed she'd turned in the job description for the Director of Finance position and that they'd made headway in identifying ineligible expenses applied to public housing.
  9. Adjournment
    With there being no further business to come before the board, Commissioner Jacobs motioned to adjourn, and Commissioner Klettner provided a second. Chair George called adjournment at 10:31 AM